Unity Game


A PseudoZombie game featuring Japanese idol-actress Yuki Terada's 3D image. Hit and fight off by clicking your idol Terada Yuki-san as she tries to attack you!

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Hit the Alphabet Bomber by typing on your device keyboard! This 3D game is definitely an interestingly good practice of touch-typing.

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Rally Ball is a breakout-style game characterized by the addition of a wall of blocks or similar objects, that the player chips away at with the ball as part of the main gameplay. Balls come together until there's no more wall of blocks! Until when would you be able to stop blocking the rally balls?

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iPhone App


With long years of research, this application was developed to read your heart and mind. This app had been downloaded in more than 40 different countries and turns into a big hit app! (Free Download Application).

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Let's Go! Tram

This is a Quiz Guessing Game of tram station's name stretching from Hiroshima to Miyajima of Japan. Pleaase do come and visit Hiroshima! (Note: Available in Japanese version only.)

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Tell Me Kanji

For foreigners outside Japan, here's your chance to find and learn Japanese-Kanji Characters (only Japanese Nouns) by using this unique application. (Free Download Application)

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    • 2014.6.1 Official Homepage Website was redesigned.
    • 2014.4.16 TERADA HAZARD - the Third Unity Game?was released
    • 2014.3.30 ALPHABET BOMBER 3D- the Second Unity Game was released.
    • 2014.2.23 RALLY BALL - the First Unity Game was released.
    • 2013.11.24 Japanese Bank News release information service got started.
    • 2013.3.2  Tell Me Kanji- the 3rd iPhone application was released.
    • 2013.2.23 Official Website (English Version) was successfully launched.
    • 2013.1.6 Official Website (Japanese Version) was successfully launched.